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Our experienced certified instructors will instruct you in nomenclature, fundamentals of shooting, maintenance cleaning and inspection of a handgun.  We will also train you in the laws of deadly force in North Carolina.  This includes specific examples of when deadly force is and is not allowed.  We will train you in the legal requirements related to the carrying of a concealed handgun with a North Carolina handgun permit.   This course is a mandatory 8 hours of class plus range time.  There is a practical fire exercise where you must fire a minimum of 30 rounds.  A written exam is also included. If you do not have a handgun/ammunition one can be provided for an additional charge. Hearing and eye protection can be provided at no extra charge.  Classes will always begin at 8:00 on the scheduled day.  To sign up for this or any other class please call or email today.  

$85.00 regular or $75.00 group(5) rate.


This course is at least 8 hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi automatic pistols.  Students learn NRA's rules for safe gun handling;pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals and range rules.  You will shoot from the bench rest position and the two handed standing position.  You will be instructed in cleaning the pistol and continued opportunities for skill development.  Students will receive the NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting handbook, NRA  gun safety rules brochure, Winchester/NRA marksmanship qualifications booklet.  You will also take a basics of pistol shooting student exam and course completion certificate. 



This course is a customized course developed by our Range Day staff.  The class is an 8 hour course that includes classroom and range time.  This course is not intended for a beginner shooter.  At a minimum a student should have completed a Range Day Basic Pistol course or a NC concealed carry course or equivalent.  This course will review basic handgun nomenclature of revolvers and semi automatic pistols.  We will review safe gun handling skills and range rules and safety.  We will discuss in depth sight picture and sight alignment, stance, proper grip and trigger reset.  We will discuss in depth cover vs. concealment.  While on the range the student will fire a minimum of 200 rounds.  The student will learn how to fire a handgun from numerous positions including standing, kneeling and prone.  The student will fire from behind barricades up to a distance of 25 yards from the target.   Firearms will not be available for rent from range day for this class.



Private instruction is available for all levels of handgun or shotgun instruction.  Private lessons allows you to have a customized course put together for your needs.  This can be instruction for one person, couples or a group.  Private Instruction allows us to teach you at the level you are comfortable with including basic, intermediate or advanced.  This form of lesson plan is usually kept short with a minimum of four hours.  Our instructors can plan a course based on your skill level or needs.  Call today to set up your private lesson.  Hourly rates apply and vary based on the number of students and or the level of instruction requested. 

Call for rates! 

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